Whether you are buying your first family home, investing in a property business and buying or selling freehold/leasehold property, at CNA Solicitors, our property lawyers can help you enjoy a smooth transaction.

Buying and selling a property can be risky, stressful and complicated. Due to the huge amount of money involved, it is essential to ensure you do everything possible to make the entire process smooth and secure. Our experienced property solicitors are here to give you peace of mind as you buy or sell residential and commercial property.

We keep things simple, delivering professional conveyancing services at affordable costs to meet your unique property needs. With transparent and fair pricing, our aim is to ensure both sides of a property transaction get the best deal possible.

Residential Property Lawyers & Conveyancing Service

Are you looking to buy your first home but unsure how the whole process works? Have you heard about property deals gone sour and you want to stop that from happening when you buy or sell a property? Whatever your concerns about buying or selling property, our property lawyers will help you complete all the relevant paperwork. Our job is to ensure you are not trapped in a contract you will regret. Our advice and guidance covers property transactions including:

  • Sale and purchase of freehold property
  • Sale and purchase of leasehold property
  • Right-to-buy purchase agreements
  • Help-to-buy schemes
  • Transfer of equity schemes
  • Understanding shared ownership agreements

Our typical residential property conveyancing service has the following features:

  • Contract preparation and approval
  • Drafting and preparing other legal packs required or approving them to report on title
  • Facilitating contract exchange
  • Impartial mortgage offers advice
  • Advice on shared ownership
  • Handling completion and finalising post completion tasks

Get in touch with our specialist property lawyers to discuss your residential property requirements and we will do everything to ensure the process flows smoothly for you.

Commercial Property Conveyancing Service

As well as serving individuals purchasing residential property, CNA property lawyers have the skill and expertise to offer advice and guidance in commercial property deals. We are working with entrepreneurs conducting business property sales and purchases from across the globe. Negotiating leases can be a challenge and legal advice is essential in understand what the terms of a commercial lease agreements really mean, and the consequences involved. Our services cover the following aspects of commercial property transactions:

  • Commercial leases/assignments
  • Advice on Buy to Let and tenanted properties
  • Assignments, Underleases, Variations of the Lease and Surrenders
  • Purchase or sale of business as a going concern
  • Advice on Planning Law

Contact Us To Talk About Your Residential & Commercial Property Needs

Understanding commercial lease agreements can be challenging. Some may contain clauses which are ambiguous or designed to trip you up. Our team of experienced property lawyers are on hand to walk you through the paperwork involved.

Give us a call on 0207 118 2010 and speak to one of our property law experts today. You can also fill in your details in the contact form and one of our solicitors will get in touch with you. If you prefer to drop into the office follow the directions on the contact page or send us an email to

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