Legislation is often complex. We not only have the expertise and professionalism to guide our clients through the maze that is sometimes ‘The Law’ but we are wholeheartedly committed to service and client support. If you are looking for a human rights lawyer, we are here to help.

Our accreditation by the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme is testament to our commitment to keep abreast with the ever changing UK Immigration Law.

We can offer you help from within the UK or from overseas. Our team of human rights lawyer have the experience and knowledge to advise and represent you in all areas of immigration law and human rights law. This includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • Applications for further leave to remain
  • Human Rights & Long Residence
  • EEA Nationals & Family Member Applications
  • Marriage/Fiancé/Civil Partnership Applications
  • Entry clearance applications from overseas
  • All stages of Immigration & Human Rights Appeals
  • Judicial Review Applications
  • All employment related applications including domestic workers
  • Student Visas
  • Turkey/EC association agreement visa
  • Citizenship & Nationality Applications
  • Points based System including Post Study Work and Work Permits
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Business Persons
  • Workers & Skilled Migrants

It is worth expanding on some of these topics to help you see the challenges that the Law presents and the way in which we address these challenges. We stress we are happy to receive enquiries at any time with no initial obligation on your part.

Indefinite Leave to Remain Basic Requirements

Applicants who have lived legitimately in the UK for five years may be eligible for permission to remain and after a year holding ILR, to apply for UK Nationality. It should be noted there are restrictions upon the time an applicant can spend outside the UK in order to be granted ILR.

Applications for further leave to remain

Applications will be accepted from a range of categories including Academic visitors and those with UK ancestry to domestic workers in private households, visitors in the UK undertaking medical care and dependents of those granted limited permission to stay in the UK. In the event of any doubt, you are advised to contact us to explain your status.

Human Rights & Long Residence

Applicants in this category must have spent years in the UK and need to demonstrate Human Rights reasons why they should be permitted to continue staying in the UK if they do not qualify through the long residence criteria. Each case is judged on its merits and professional assistance is strongly advised in order for applicants to have a chance of success. As your human rights lawyers, we will advise on various relevant documentary evidence required to enable you to present a strong case.

EEA Nationals & Family Member Applications

European nationals are usually allowed to enter and remain in the UK without restriction. Family members of EEA nationals who are not EEA nationals can apply to accompany the EEA national to the UK and remain.  Rules governing admission and continued residence are defined by European Law. However, following the Brexit, it is uncertain as to how the law will be changed to reflect the UK’s future relationship with the rest of EU States. Whatever the outcome we are here to advise and assist you in securing your rights of residence in the UK.

UK Entry Clearance Applications

Entry Clearance (UK Visa) applications made from outside the UK are checked at overseas British Missions. Potential qualifiers include spouses, fiancés, civil partners, entrepreneurs, religious ministers, sports personnel, domestic workers, business representatives and students. We are happy to discuss and advise on your status.

All stages of Immigration & Human Rights Appeals

Our specialist solicitors have had favourable outcomes in successfully appealing on behalf of those whose applications have initially been denied.

Judicial Review Applications

Human rights lawyers like us at CNA Solicitors will help prepare your case for judicial review. A Judicial review seeks to set aside a decision denying an applicant the status being sought and an application for such a review requires expert help.

All employment related applications including domestic workers

There are opportunities in the UK for employment in a number of sectors including domestic work. We can facilitate your application from the start to the successful conclusion.

Student Visas

We are happy to assist students who wish to continue their education in the UK. There are some basic requirements and we are happy to guide you through the process.

Turkey/EC association agreement visa

This category is far from simple and requires the applicant to work full-time on his or her business. We will assist you in the process or guide you to other alternatives you may wish to consider as well.

Citizenship & Nationality Applications

We regularly handle applications within the current legislation and will discuss the situation with anyone that makes an enquiry, proceeding with the application after an initial discussion.

Points based System including Post Study Work and Work Permits

The points based system was established as a means of regulating immigration into the UK. We will explain the basis of the system and assist with the application procedure.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs wanting to set up or buy a business in the UK to then run it can get permission to stay for three years initially which may ultimately lead to their being granted Indefinite Leave to Remain if the business generates jobs. Investors are equally welcome if they are providing significant investment and we are happy to advise of the levels of funds required.

Business Persons

There is an opportunity for business people to come and work in the UK and our specialised staff is happy to discuss this in detail.

Workers & Skilled Migrants

Those with specific skills may be allowed to live in the UK and we are happy to discuss this with those wishing to apply and to guide them through the process.

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